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Launch of Position Paper on Teacher Preparation

Through support from The United Way Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Mary Watson Avery and Emily Potts Callejas were able to devote time and energy to create a position paper advocating for teacher preparation in preventing challenging behavior. We are proud to share the final product, Learning Classroom Management: Moving teachers from theory to practice in order to promote student success here.

Early Social-Emotional Functioning and Public Health: The Relationship Between Kindergarten Competence and Future Wellness

A 20-year research study on the impact of social emotional skills in early childhood on wellness and productivity in adulthood was recently published in the American Journal of Public Health. Comparing young children’s pro-social skill levels with key young adult outcomes, researchers found that social-emotional functioning was relevant in developing positive personal and public health outcomes. To learn more, check out this recent PBS News Hour interview with one of the study’s authors, Damon Jones.

Social Emotional Learning: Perspectives from American Schools

The results of a survey conducted by the Education Week Research Center bring promising news of how social and emotional learning is holding its ground in tide of common core implementation. A report on the survey’s results states that a majority of educators find that attention to social and emotional learning has increased or remained the same in their school since Common Core Standards implementation began. Also encouraging is that educators highlighted the importance of integrating social and emotional learning across the curriculum, and building community and relationships as two key strategies. Read the report here:

Past News

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