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Resources for Supporting Mothers’ Mental Wellness: Preventing, Identifying, and Managing Depression

Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project’s MCPAP for Moms provides resources for service providers and mothers during and after pregnancy in order to promote maternal and child health and well-being.
Provider Resources
  • >Trainings and toolkits for providers and their staff on evidence-based guidelines for: depression screening, triage and referral, risks and benefits of medications, and discussion of screening results and treatment options.
  • >Real-time psychiatric consultation and care coordination for providers serving pregnant and postpartum women including obstetricians, pediatricians, adult primary care physicians, and psychiatrists.
  • >Linkages with community-based resources including mental health care, support groups and other resources to support the wellness and mental health of pregnant and postpartum women.
MCPAP for Moms promotes maternal and child health by building the capacity of providers serving pregnant and postpartum women and their children up to one year after delivery to effectively prevent, identify, and manage depression. Read More:


Advocacy Spotlight: Put Massachusetts Kids First Coalition

Put Massachusetts Kids First is a broad-based coalition of more than two dozen organizations across the Commonwealth, including Wheelock College, focused on improving outcomes for children by stabilizing and strengthening the workforce that engages with young children who can most benefit from qualified educators.

The efforts of Put MA Kids First are focused on advocating for high quality early education and out-of-school time programs for the children of the Commonwealth.

Since 2001, state funding for community-based early education and care and out-of-school time has not kept pace with inflation, resulting in a reduction of more than $100 million – a 50% decrease in the state’s commitment to its youngest scholars.  Strengthening community-based early education and care should be an integral part of the Commonwealth’s long-term plan to invest in human capital to support growth and quality goals.

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Foundations of the CSEFEL Pyramid Model Course to be offered in Spanish

pyramid model words

MA Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)
MA Department of Mental Health (DMH) &
Connected Beginnings Training Institute present:

Fundamentos del Modelo de la Pirámide del CSEFEL

Esta capacitación de 15 horas presenta a los participantes el Modelo de la Pirámide del CSEFEL, el cual promueve el desarrollo social y emocional en los niños, y al mismo tiempo previene y trata con sus posibles comportamientos difíciles. Los participantes que completen los requisitos del curso obtendrán 1.5 CEU. (Tendrán que asistir a todas las sesiones)

Sábado, 9 de mayo 2015, 9:00 am – 4 pm
Lunes, 18 de mayo, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Lunes, 1 de junio, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Lunes, 8 de junio, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Valley Opportunity Council
35 Mt. Carmel Avenue
Chicopee, MA 01013

Los profesionales que trabajan con bebés y niños, incluyendo maestros líderes, maestros, asistentes de maestros, administradores, educadores de cuidado infantil familiar (FCC), coordinadores (Home Visitors), así como consultores y especialistas de salud mental.

Esta capacitación se ofrece sin costo alguno para los participantes, a través de la financiación de Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant del Departamento de Educación y Cuidado Infantil (EEC).

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To view this flyer in English, please click here: CSEFEL Foundations Chicopee Spanish (English flyer)

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